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The HO is nature’s naturally occurring cleaning system that purifies the atmosphere, thus natural and green. 
Hydroxyls react with microorganisms in the air and on surfaces decomposing molecules that cause odour and fumes and attacking the cell walls of mould, bacteria, and viruses which results in cell death. 
HOs attack and eliminate microorganisms, contaminants, pathogens, viruses, odours, active moulds, Murine Norovirus and VOCs. 
This process is safe for humans, animals, and plants - just like in nature, and it leaves no chemical residue. 
Equipment easily integrates into the current air conditioning system. 
As long as the equipment runs, your yacht interior will have continuous cleaning and sanitation with automatic monitoring to ensure optimal cleaning levels. 

FOR THE GEEK IN YOU The Science Behind the Performance 

ODOROX® Technology replicates the Sun’s natural UV irradiation process to transform water vapour into a natural cascade of “hydroxyl” and other free radical oxidants thus neutralizing organic and inorganic contaminants, bacteria, virus and mould in air and on surfaces. 
As airflow moves through the Hygensea ODOROX® equipment it is sanitized by multiple wavelengths of UV light as they react with ambient water vapour. This process mimics the sun’s natural process and generates hydroxyls. H20 + hv ----> HO. 
Once created, these hydroxyls become powerful sanitizing agents and immediately begin to destroy odour molecules, bacteria, viruses, mould, VOCs, and other chemicals. 
As the hydroxyls exit the chamber they continuously react with other contaminants in the air, creating more hydroxyls. This cascade of hydroxyls quickly disperses and sanitizes the air and surfaces. The cascade is continual as each reaction creates another hydroxyl that decontaminates air, surfaces, and objects. 
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