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Providing the solution to troublesome & irregular flushing. 
Due to piping configurations it is not always the case that the vacuum toilet is ready to flush immediately as liquid effluent can fall back the piping and sit at the juncture between the outlet pipe from the discharge valve and the upward rising discharge pipe. The Clearvac Sureflush coupling alleviates this problem by repositioning the vacuum outlet for activation of the control mechanism, to a position that is above the liquid retention of effluent in the discharge pipe. This allows a constant and clear flushing operation of the toilet giving an enhanced customer satisfaction of the process. 


Drain opener. For all marine scupper, galley and bathroom drainage. 
Eco Drain-away is a fast acting non corrosive drain cleaner which causes rapid decomposition of any organic waste matter. 
Eco Drain-away can be used on all grey water gravity systems such as accommodation & galley drainage, preventing health & safety issues and potential down time. 
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