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Stéphane Lucas, General Manager EVAC France 
We met Clearvac International in 2009 when facing vacuum piping cleaning issues with our customers.Since we have been using Clearvac International products and services we have been able to offer ourcustomers a reliable and efficient solution.We are very pleased to recommend there product and service. To whom it may concern. 
Client: Subsea 7 - Vessel: Seven Atlantic - Location: Poland - Services: Black Water, Grey Water & HVAC 
David, SamClearvac are just finishing, clearing up loose ends. I have to say what a brilliant team they are – a real bunch of friendly and professional blokes who industrially get on with a far from glamorous but very important task – one of those jobs that no one cares about until the system goes wrong. 
Please pass on my thanks to Simon, Josh, Neil, Ayhan and Chris who left on arrival in Gdansk. I’m really pleased with the jobs, the addition of some useful access panels and for sure we’ll be using your services again. Embarking for the sail across from Aberdeen worked well.It was Craig Duffy who recommended Clearvac for Seven Atlantic, I know you already have relationships with other Subsea 7 Superintendents, but I’ll certainly pass on the good work. Its been a pleasure. We look forward to receiving the Service Report. 
Best Regards Michael Campbell Vessel Superintendent Offshore Resources 
Client: Stena Drilling Ltd - Vessel: Stena Don - Location: Norway - Services: Black Water, Grey Water 
Stena Don is a Mobile offshore drilling rig, owned and operated by Stena Drilling Ltd. The rig has got an accommodation with capacity of 120 persons. The Stena Don has got 58 double and 2 single cabins. In addition to the bathrooms in the cabins the rig has got several public toilets on each deck level in the accommodation. All Toilets are vacuum toilets. During the years of running we have had quite some problems with piping’s getting clogged with deposits and we even had to replace pipes on deck level 7 due to deposits in pipes. Recently we experienced more problems and we were about to plan for an even more extensive pipe replacement. 
During this planning I got aware of this company “Clearvac International” who claimed to be good at cleaning the pipes only using “soap/ detergent”. At first it sounded too good to be true, but as the replacement scope got really big and cost for this very high, I thought that it would be a good investment to try this company. If they succeed we would save a lot of money. To clean our system, Clearvac sent two service technicians. Both of them were very helpful and adaptive to our system of working. The Stena Don crew is working on a two shift rota with the first shift starting 07:00 and ends 19:00. Second shift starts 19:00 and ends 07:00. Before start-up of cleaning some pipes were inspected by rig crew and technicians from Clearvac. 
The inspection revealed quite extensive clogging of pipes. For the technicians to clean the system they had to work in between each rig crew shift and only got about 2 hours of work before the cabins were occupied again. After the treatment was completed the same pipes were inspected by rig crew and clearvac technicians. The cleanliness of the pipes exceeded our wildest expectations and after this we don’t see any reason for replacing any pipes. To keep the pipes clean and the toilets vacuum system in good condition we have decided to make cleaning of the system a 2,5 yearly maintenance procedure. The cleaning of black water system has saved us a lot of money and I gladly give Clearvac International my best recommendations. Best Regards Geir Johnny Eide - Technical Superintendent Stena Don 
Client: Norwegian Cruise Line - Vessel: Sky & Sun - Location: Miami - Services: Black Water 
Hello David, 
You are welcome to use me as a reference. Both the Sky and Sun rechecked the areas of piping that Clearvac treated in July and August, respectively, with positive results. Very little new scale accumulation is noted in the piping on the Sun and none on the Sky in the areas inspected. We intend to continue using Clearvac service in the future as needed. 
Thank you and best regards, 
Client: Princess Too - Vessel: Princess Too - Location: Antibes - Services: Black Water 
To whom it may concern, It has been my pleasure to have employed Clearvac International aboard Motor Yacht Princess Too. Dave and his team were very professional in their approach to the project with very thorough explanations of what would happen and when. 
It was most important to me that the project could be carried out without any disruption to the use or daily running of the yacht, this was achieved with apparent ease. 
The results speak for themselves, our on-board vacuum pipework had narrowed significantly due to the build-up of scale etc… and upon completion of the works the system looked as new! And at no point was the toilet system of the yacht out of use or compromised in any way. 
I can only thoroughly recommend Clearvac International, and their product, and I shall be using them again. A rare find in the yachting sector, a cost effective solution to an everyday problem that works. Not only are we delighted with the results, the team who carried out the work were clean tidy and a pleasure to have aboard. I cannot recommend them more highly. 
Yours sincerely, Graeme Riddle - Captain My Princess Too 
Client: Solstad Offshore - Vessel: Normand Clipper - Location: Texas, USA - Services: Black Water, Grey Water & HVAC 
We employed Clearvac International to remove hard scale deposits within the vacuum discharge lines in our construction vessel Normand Clipper which has accommodation for 102 persons. The work was carried out by Clearvac International between the 6th and 13th July 2011 while the vessel was at anchor off Galveston Texas USA. 
The work was carried out in a very professional manor and the results following have been excellent. 
One of the major advantages with utilising Clearvac International is that the vessel can remain operational while the work is being carried out. 
This was the first time we have worked with Clearvac International. We were very happy with the work carried out and the results. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Clearvac International on other vessels within our fleet as and when required. 
Malcolm M Rosie - Technical Director Solstad Offshore UK LTD 
Client: Regent - Vessel: Seven Seas Mariner - Location: Marseilles - Services: Black Water 
Good day Dave, In one word your product and action has been GREAT and well appreciated on board the Seven Seas Mariner. Your visit on board has avoided us the inconvenient work of pipe replacement or the use of looped cleaning system with acid media that would be accomplished only with disruption of the toilette service for long hours and only feasible with the ship or toilette system out of service. 
Your treatment system of the vacuum system has been not reducing but eliminating any risk of possible other damages to system mechanism and ship fittings. Reading below email sent before your visit on board the Seven Seas Mariner, I now can only say that all what ensured to us has been successfully accomplished. Pipeline planned to be treated with your product was treated at our satisfaction without any disruption of the toilette vacuum system in the planned time frame (7days). All this is making your product and your know how definitively a trustable and winner compound. Hopefully see you again Best regards Giovanni Berlingieri RGSS Mariner Chief Engineer 
Client: One Aldwych Hotel - Location: Covent Garden, London - Services: Black Water 
After five days of intensive Descaling of the Evac pipes the survey found: 
Excellent results – Clean like new internal pipework 
Treatment and surveys covered: 
Pipework from the rooms to the corridors 
Horizontal pipework in the corridors 
Vertical building risers 
Plant room pipework 
This in fact is an exceptional result and has enabled us to establish that the treatment was successful It should also be noted that both grey and black water exists within our pipe works and has added to the formation of scale presenting further challenges to its removal being of a different nature and with the system in constant use. 
The nature of our pipework includes many complex bends in which scale forms and is compressed/compacted by the water flow (and high temperatures). 
This was attached without any disruption to service and without blocking a single room. 
The scale melts away without collapsing or causing blockages. 
Gary Lohan - Chief Engineer One Aldwych Hotel 
Hi Francesca, 
The air conditioning system work has been successfully completed. 
Simone, Luca, Josepi and Barry did a great job for us. 
It was a pleasure to have them on-board and they carried out their work efficiently and with 
care. I would have no hesitation in welcoming them back 
next time we need work. 
Good Evening Simone, 
I would just like to say what a great team you have working with you at Clearvac. This is the 
second intervention that your company has carried out cleaning of the Galley, Laundry and all the 
accommodation deck ventilation ducting. 
Very professional and very polite team of guys whom seen to get a difficult task done with 
little fuss. 
Thank you once more for a great service and look forward to next year’s 
Dear Sam, 
It has been a real pleasure working with you and all the Clearvac team 
and you can count on us being repeated customers. 
Hi Simone, 
We are pretty impressed by the efficiency of your treatment. 
It’s been a pleasure having you and your team o/b performing the task at times under difficult 
circumstances due to other work but your flexibility made it a smooth operation. 
Look forward to see you and your team again in another 2 years. 
Dear Steve, 
This is a letter of thanksto oyu and your team from Clearvac for doing such a great job for us on board M/Y EVENT. The before and after photosspeak for themselves but equally commendable was the professional attitude of all your team and the care that was taken over the work on EVENT. It was a pleasure having you and your guys aboard and I am keen to book the Clearvac services for our next annual down period. 
I am very happy to recommend you and the team to other yachts needing specialist cleaning services and please feel free to put EVENT down as a very satisfied customer! 
See you in Hong Kong and thanks again for doing a really great job. 
Best regards from Clive. 
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